Our Story

jace londonHello! We’re Nicholas and Ashley, creators of Jace London.

We are also a husband and wife team! We have two daughters; Hannah, Rachelle and two sons; John and Jace, who are the inspiration behind our venture.

Always wanting our kids to look great, you can imagine we have had endless choices of clothing styles and brands to choose from. One thing we noticed however; there doesn’t seem to be as much choice for boys as there is girls. 

Jace London was created because we felt there was a need for a one-stop shop for boys’ Providing timeless, sustainable, ethical pieces that are comfortable and long-lasting.

We believe in slow fashion, creating sustainable wardrobes with fewer clothing pieces and less waste. We promote brands that produce their clothing from high quality organic fabrics where ever possible, and always under ethical fair trade conditions. 

Our clothes are made of the highest-quality fabrics, so not only will your little man look good, he will feel good!

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Ashley and Nicholas xo